A tool using GTK3 and Python to create your own plymouth boot animations.A tool using GTK3 and Python to easily create your own plymouth boot animations from an .mp4 video or single .png files with a GUI.

What does this tool do

With the help of this tool, everybody can create their own plymouth boot animations with just a few clicks. You can use an existing .mp4 video or even single .png files to create your own customized boot animation for linux. When you’re done, you can apply it on your own computer, or you can share it with the community.


  • python-2
  • python-gi
  • python-tkinter
    • apt-get install python-tk
    • pip install tk
  • ffmpeg

How to run

Download the .zip or the .tar.gz file with the source code from the releases section and extract it. On Debian based systems, open the file “RUN ME.sh” in terminal to install the needed dependencies. Alternatively, install the dependencies manually from #dependencies. The script will install the needed packages, so you’ll eventually need to enter your sudo password. Afterwards, the script will launch the GUI, which is self explanation.