EvoCards is a completely free online multiplayer card game hosted at https://evocards.de and can be played with up to four players (three players are required to start the countdown). No download or registration required! One game of EvoCards consists of multiple rounds (until only one player remains). Each round has three different phases:

  1. Shop – Here you can buy new cards for your deck using coins you’ve gathered during the match. You can buy up to one attack and one mana card.
  2. Play – This is where the main action happens. Choose a player you want to attacks, as well as an attack and a mana card.
  3. Round Summary – The round summary shows the player and the cards that each player has chosen this round.

Your goal is to eliminate all other players by buying cards in the shop and playing them against your competitors. With each round the cards you can find in the shop are more powerful as they are evolving over “time”. Make sure to always save enough of your coins and to make the correct buying decisions.




Huz is a small endless game for the original GameBoy.

Try to avoid the burning fire as it gets harder and harder!

Your score will be displayed after each round.

A playable browser version is available on the itch.io page linked at the bottom!



Guide your character through 5 very similar levels, but be careful!

There are a few differences and new objects in each level.

Besides some other illusions, you also have to focus on your splitscreen character!

If you or your splitscreen character dies, the level restarts.

This game was made for the Mini Jam 90: Illusion.

The source code can be downloaded using the link below!




RUMBLO is a fun fighting game for the TI-84 Plus CE graphic calculator.

It is written using the CE C SDK.

RUMBLO is a game for the TI-84 Plus CE graphic calculator, where you fight against an AI.

Currently there are 2 maps and 2 characters, but there will be more maps and characters soon.

Your character can be controlled using the arrow keys.

Press [2nd] to jump, [alpha] to attack and the down arrow to use your shield.

If you like this game and you want it to receive updates in the future, please give the GitHub project a star.

You can also contribute to the project on your own.